Website Care

One-Off Tech Support

This service is tailored for you if you want to avoid the complexities and potential risks of handling technical WordPress development yourself.

It’s ideal if you need help with a specific issue and want the peace of mind that your website will be professionally fixed, upgraded, or optimized without downtime or complications.

What's included

1. Discovery Call:

We start with a discovery call. This is our chance to align our understanding of your needs and objectives, ensuring that we’re on the same page before we begin any technical work.

2. WordPress Technical Support:

You’ll receive dedicated technical support for your WordPress site. We’ll devote as many hours as necessary to complete the task, ensuring your website functions seamlessly and thoroughly.

3. 15-Day Post-Task Support:

Our support doesn’t just end with the task. You’ll have access to 15 days of post-task email support. This means you can reach out with any follow-up questions or need further assistance related to the task we completed.

Services I can help you with

Updates & Upgrades: We keep your WordPress site up-to-date with the latest versions of core software, themes, and plugins for better security and smooth running.

Backup & Restore: Regular backups of your site, with quick restore options if something goes wrong.

Speeding Up Your Site: Make your website load faster by optimizing images, managing data, and using caching techniques.

Fixing Bugs: Solving any website glitches, from error messages to broken links or layout issues.

Customizing Themes & Plugins: Adjusting the look and functionality of your site to suit your brand and needs better.

SEO Help: Setting up SEO tools, optimizing your pages, and giving tips to improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

E-commerce Assistance: Everything from setting up your online store, adding products, to managing orders and integrating payment systems.

Comment Management: Keeping your comment section clean and organized, and setting up spam protection.

Website Moving: Transferring your site safely to a new host or from a test environment to live.

Domain & DNS Help: Assisting with changes to your website’s domain name, updating DNS settings, or creating redirects.

Integrating Other Services: Connecting your website with CRMs, email marketing tools, or social media.

WordPress Training: Teaching you and your team how to use WordPress effectively.

Troubleshooting: Identifying and fixing any issues with themes, plugins, or server settings.

Responsive Support: Making sure your website looks great and works well on mobiles and other devices.


Our one-off tech support starts at $175/hour.